Students Excel at Annual SWOSU Interscholastic Meet

Congratulations to the Guymon High School students who competed at the Southwestern Interscholastic Meet at SWOSU last week.  The following students qualified to compete at the State Tournament of Champions in May: 

Jordi Almeida: Accounting and Management

Heidi Reust: Microsoft Office and Spreadsheets

Tanner Jones: Web Page Design and Technology 2

Taos McIntyre: Biology 1 and Sociology

Damien Hernandez: Oklahoma History and Economics

Alan Anchando: Civics and Advanced Music Theory

Audra Messenger: American Literature

Pharrah Kelley: News Editing

Maria Ortiz: Web Page Design

Mireia Cases and Dulce Olvera: Native Spanish 2

Janet Calel and Alicia Morales: Native Spanish 1

Jake Lammes: Technology 1 and Personal Finance

Ben Duren: Geometry

Roman Munoz: English Literature

Randy Pham-Tran: General Science 

Guymon High School was the overall Business Division Champs at this tournament!


Mrs. Lakin

This year's door contest resulted in a tie between
Mrs. Lakin (top) and Mrs. Yell (bottom)!

Mrs. Yell

Great Job teachers and students!

All teachers doors