Guymon School Educational Foundation


     The Guymon School Educational Foundation was formed in 1986, with formal meetings starting on October 24, 1994.  The original goal of this organization was to assist, support, and promote Guymon school systems through grants and scholarships.  The first slate of officers consisted of Ray Kimsey, President; Jim Webster, Vice-President; and Patti McKinney as Secretary/Treasurer. The Board of Directors consisted of Troy Campbell, Monte Laureau, Don Taylor, Ray Kimsey, Patti McKinney, Jim Webster, Rod Schemm, Becky Jett, and Mel Yates.

    The organization has expanded its contributions to nearly $25,000 each year.  These contributions include college scholarships, as well as funds provided for teachers, Guymon High School athletics, FFA, Speech and Debate, Music, Guymon High School Special Fund, and the Texas County Junior Livestock premiums.

     The Richard Owen Kimsey Scholarship is awarded to a Guymon High School senior who receives a $500 scholarship per semester for their four years of college.   Applications for this scholarship are available at the office of the Guymon High School Counselor.

     The Jerry Swanson Scholarship is given to an area high school senior who receives $1000 per year for four years.  This application is available at Hitch Enterprises.

     The Louis J. Long Scholarship is awarded to an area high school student majoring in an agriculture related degree.  This scholarship recipient receives $500 per semester for four years.  This application is available at area schools counselor offices and through their FFA instructors.

     Teachers benefit through a Kimsey-Howard grant which helps provide supplies for the classroom.  Area teachers submit their requests and grants of $750 are chosen yearly by Delores Kimsey and Nancy Howard.

     A Guymon High School Athletics Fund is available and $2000 is given each year to help with requests made by the Athletic Booster Club.  They have received help funding the meal for the Athletic Banquet in the past several years.

     The Guymon Speech and Debate fund is available and is currently receiving $500 each year.  This has recently helped with expenses at the State level of competition.

     The High School Special Account receives $9600 yearly.  This money is spent at the discretion of the High School Superintendent. 

     Grants are provided to the Texas County Junior Livestock Show by donations received and by the Beth Heithschmidt Fund.  These grants are for cattle, swine, and sheep premiums totaling $2250 each year.

     Other funds still growing are the FFA and the Ag Cattle Barn Funds, along with the Dee Cole and the Eugene Keith memorial funds.

     The Guymon Education Foundation is fulfilling the goals set forth by the founders and will continue to promote the education of our area kids.  Current Board Members are Ray Kimsey, Steve Baggerly, Becky Jett, David Petty, Michelle Hyer, Jim Quimby, Jennie Watkins, Deb Twyman, Viki Richardson, and Superintendent Doug Melton and Vickie McKinnon, School Board member.  Current officers are:  Jim Quimby, President, Viki Richardson, Vice-President, and Deb Twyman, Secretary/Treasurer.  Questions about the Foundation may be directed to any Board Member.  Donations can be made at the Bank of the Panhandle.