Any student looking to attend Guymon Public Schools for the 2024-2025 school year, must enroll using Wengage/Sylogist ed. You can receive your initial Wengage login information by contacting the GPS Enrollment Center. Please contact the Enrollment Center with any questions you may have.

1. parent's first and last name;
2. student(s) name and date of birth
Phone: 580-338-4340 Option 6

Parents must log in to their Wengage/Sylogist ed account to update information about their student(s) in order for the enrollment process to occur. 

Before enrolling, please make sure your student is up to date on their immunizations. Call to make an appointment with the Texas County Health Department at (580) 338-8544 today to get the immunizations your child needs! They are located at 1410 North East Street in Guymon.

When you log in, the logo may look a little different. Sylogist ed is Wengage!